Super Mario Maker 2: The Storm Area 51 Level Has Been Removed From Nintendo

Super Mario Maker 2

If you are a regular visitor to Facebook and Instagram you will surely meet the Storm Area 51 event, scheduled for September 20th. One million people said they were interested in participating in the invasion of Area 51, in Nevada, but the virality of the event certainly did not stop at social networks.

A player known as “zach2thefuture” uploaded a Super Mario Maker 2 level named Storm Area 51, a few hours after uploading, however, the stage was removed by Nintendo. The author has been advised with a message that ” the level has been removed as it contains dangerous or inappropriate content“, furthermore Zach has seen the removal of all badges and Maker Points.

The creator of the offending level tried to contact Nintendo, without any result, to explain the goliardic nature of the level, who wanted to make fun of the initiative born on social media and certainly not encourage someone to invade Area 51.

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