The Witcher 3 in Ray Tracing Is a Show With the Mod Exodus Reshade


From the pages of NexusMods, the amateur programmer Thibault Taillefer informs us that he has completed the work on Exodus Reshade, the mod that promises to push the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the limits of photorealism thanks to the use of Ray Tracing technology and many other graphic mods.

Starting from the very solid base offered by the ReShade tool that so many joys is giving to the creators of GTA 5 content in 4k with Ray Tracing, the author of Exodus Reshadehas modified the graphic assets and the development tools made by the other members of the talented scene of modder of The Witcher 3 to improve the color palette, textures, lighting, polygonal character models and particle effects of CD Projekt’s fantasy masterpiece. All without distorting the original “vision”.

The list of integrated and perfected mods by Thibault is really long and includes some of the most appreciated tools from the scene to integrate and improve effects like Ambient Light, Chromatic Aberration, Clarity 2, FilmGrain 2, FXAA, qUINT Bloom, qUINT Lightroom, Surface Sharpen, Technicolor 2 and qUINT Ray Tracing. The author of Exodus Reshade has even integrated three graphics presets for those who do not wish to manually set all the parameters of the mod: the lowest preset should impact the performance of the basic version (with the same graphics settings used) of no more than 10 frames per second.

Judge for yourself the results obtained by the modder by admiring the image gallery that we leave you at the bottom of the news. If you love the Strigo epic, don’t miss our latest Special Video on the history of CD Projekt RED games between The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077.