Will Playstation VR 2 for PS5 Be Totally Wireless and Cost $250?

Playstation Vr: No New Models Will Accompany the PS5 Launch

A patent recently filed by Sony seems to suggest the possible specifications of PlayStation VR 2, a new version of the Virtual Reality viewer that should make its debut together with PS5 or shortly after the launch of the new console.

It seems that Sony has already developed some prototypes of a completely wireless battery-powered display capable of ensuring up to five hours of battery life and a more accurate tracking system, with the possibility of recording movements from any angle. The filed documentation suggests a resolution up to 1440p at 120 Hz and a field of view equal to 220 degrees.

The company would have already established the price of PlayStation VR 2, the new Virtual Reality viewer should be marketed at a cost of $250, these at least the current plans but could change dramatically considering that PSVR 2 will not arrive before 2020 forwarded.

It is not excluded that Sony is planning to launch various configurations of PlayStation VR 2 for PS5 so as to cover every possible market segment and satisfy both those looking for a cheap device and those who want a product with a higher performance from a technical point of view. In any case, it has already been confirmed that the current PSVR model will be compatible with PlayStation 5.