With the 4.1 Update from PUBG the Remaster of Erangel and Many New Features Arrive

PUBG Indian

The 4.1 updates of PUBG, the popular battle royale that helped create the genre, is coming. This is a rather substantial update that will introduce some novelties into play, first of all, the Erangel remaster, the first historic video game map.

In addition to visual and graphical improvements, the arrival of new interiors has also led to updating the gameplay, and the defects that emerged during the test server test period have been reduced.

With the new season of the game, there will also be a new survivor pass called Aftermath, which will start on July 24th, when the patch will be online and will last until October 15th. It will include 100 new rewards and lots of new missions, even in co-op.

As for the improvements to the gameplay, different weapons have been upgraded or “nerfate”, and the balance of the vehicles and some of their characteristics have been retouched. For example, there is now a radio, which can be turned on or off by the players, and a padlock that the driver of the vehicle can activate to prevent his opponents from entering.

It will also be possible to heal while moving, but the movement speed will be reduced throughout the duration of the animation. For the complete changelog, we refer to the official website of Playerunknown’s Battleground.

In the last update, PUBG introduced a function of Apex Legends. Despite the drop in users, the battle royale still seems to be very popular, so much so that in 2018 PUBG grossed almost a billion dollars.