ESL Vodafone Championship: Announced the Finalists and the Location for the Live Phases

ESL Vodafone Championship

The epilogue of the championship will take place inside a completely renovated Arena, where the finalists will face each other to win the title of champions of the League of Legends summer season, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Clash Royale.

It will be the Milan Games Week, the most important Italian event in the video game to be held September 27 to 29, the stage of the national finals of the ESL Vodafone Championship.

The ESL and Vodafone championship, the biggest export tournament in Italy since 2005, has given great emotions and incredible twists throughout the regular season. The latter, which began in May and ended in early July with the knockout phase, eventually decreed the names of the aspiring champions who will meet in Milan to win a portion of the €25,000 prize pool.

The final of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which will be played on Friday 27 September, will see the GameZones and the HSL Esports involved, two aggressive organizations that have fought with their nails and teeth to the end, eliminating lethal opponents such as the Qlash Forge Academy and the Outplayed.

Also on September 27th, the Landa Degli Evocatori, instead, will be the battleground for the strongest League of Legends teams: Samsung Morning Stars , the Bergamo organization that dominated the championship with a practically perfect roadmap (nine out of nine victories match), and the amazing Racoons , who arrived at the first live final of their story.

Finally, four players from Clash Royale qualified directly to the live stage after an intense season that highlighted a much higher level than in previous editions. Saturday, September 28th will take to the Arena Mattiaa of the Qlash, Meals of the Emme Gaming (already great champion and among the best in Europe), Dead00 and Klaudio of the Mkers.