Fortnite Mobile: The News of the 9.40 Update, the Problems With Ios 13 Beta Continue

Fortnite Mobile: Bug Fixes and Technical Problems With the Patch 9.10

Epic Games published Fortnite update 9.40 yesterday and in the following hours it made the same update available also on Fortnite Mobile: the patch fixes various bugs and improves the technical sector and the overall stability of the game on iOS and Android.

Following the publication of this update, Epic has released a short statement to clarify how Fortnite is not compatible with iOS 13 Beta, on this version of the Apple operating system (still unstable by definition) the game has various slowdowns, glitches and more generally a decidedly dancer experience. The advice, therefore, is to not update Fortnite if you are testing the beta of iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad.

Fortnite Mobile 9.40

  • Added a new touch edit setting to enable or disable touch editing (default: on).
  • The Bluetooth microphones are enabled to support voice chat.
  • Zoom in on the emote radial menu buttons.
  • Airstrike blows no longer create extended polygonal edges.
  • Fixed an issue where the heavy pump and combat rifles did not fire properly if the automatic fire was selected.
  • Fixed problems that occurred in voice chat by joining another player’s group.
  • Now you can open the chest in the Neopinnacoli hotel.
  • The live viewer mode from a mobile device will show the viewer’s user interface.
  • Players will no longer be connected to their account when they exit the game.
  • The wallet in the total repayment screen now appears correctly.
  • The “Show Guide” button open during the warm-up phase will no longer be present during the game.
  • Increase the size of the text “Tournament Region” in the competition card.
  • The map marker interface layout will not be shown in the Battle Bus.
  • The emote interface layout will only be shown on vehicles where emotes can be used.
  • Players will be able to rotate aesthetic objects using a touchpad.
  • The correct sound effect will now be reproduced when you equip a revolver.
  • Graphic improvements to the Wonder costume during the execution of the blade bell emote.
  • The Eye of the Cycle and Storm Lightning collection tools will now have the correct visual effects.
  • Graphic improvements to the Frullio costume.
  • Graphic improvements in the wake Wire lights.
  • The Lantern trail will now appear correctly in the game.

The problems will surely be solved as soon as iOS 13 comes out of the Beta phase, the debut of the new operating system is expected for September, as usual.