Fortnite Mobile: Will There Be a Million Dollar Tournament?

Fortnite Mobile Is Updated to Version

Epic Games, as we now well know, has decided to invest heavily in the birth of a competitive scene dedicated to Fortnite.

The jackpots of every single event are to make anyone’s head spin and even one of the best streamer in the world has confirmed that it is much easier – for aspiring professionals – to make money with Fortnite than other titles, despite the battle royale not can be considered as an export done and finished.

The news this time, a few days before the start of the 30 million dollar World Cup, is dedicated to the mobile rib of the battle royale.

The rumor comes from Matt Rutledge, game director of the Complexity Gaming mobile division: ” A $1 million Fortnite Mobile Cup could arrive soon “. Fortnite’s mobile community is not exactly on par with colleagues playing on PCs and consoles. Nevertheless, he has some talented players who can win the rich loot.

The main concern for this type of online competition is only one: players who will use physical controllers on their device. Epic should probably come up with a way to ensure that everyone plays at par and directly on their touch device, without the help of third-party physical technologies.

Now, the tournament on mobile at the moment is pure speculation but it would not even be the first exclusive event for a specific platform. Epic has announced the Xbox Cup (to be held on 20-21 July), again with a million prize pool, which will be dedicated to Xbox One players.

This could start a series of millionaire tournaments for specific platforms, one of which could very well be the mobile environment, increasingly at the center of the gaming and export scene.