From Cloud Strife to Nathan Drake, Here’s How the PlayStation Heroes Grow with FaceApp!


The colleagues of PushSquare have succumbed to the social fashion of the moment and have taken the trouble to modify the faces of the most iconic characters of the PlayStation universe (and not only) with FaceApp, the application that uses a Neural AI to change features (and even the kind) of people analyzing their photos.

The experiment carried out by those PushSquare jokers involves heroes like the beautiful Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, the rebel Deacon St. John from Days Gone, Connor from Detroit Become Human, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, Peter Parker from Marvel’s Spider-Man and the already elderly (but always lively) Kratos of the last God of War.

In the gallery of old men and grannies waiting for you at the bottom of the article you can also find the “seasoned” versions of Kassandra and Alexios of AC Odyssey, Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy 7, Geralt of Rivia of The Witcher 3 and a very wrinkled Arthur Morgan , also a protagonist of a recent experiment based on FaceApp that involved the whole cast of Red Dead Redemption 2 . Let us know with a comment on what you think of these images.