Gears 5 Will Have the Largest Campaign, PvE and Versus Mode in the Series’ History

Gears 5

After making a fourth conservative chapter, it seems that the Coalition is trying to take a more courageous step forward in the development of the ambitious Gears 5, next chapter of the historic TPS franchise arriving in September.

The Vancouver software house seems to be particularly convinced of the work it is carrying out with Gears 5, so much to admit without fear that it will be the biggest chapter in the saga. This was confirmed by the multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven during a recent interview conducted by Game

“Gears 5 is the biggest Gears of War ever: it has the largest campaign, the largest PvE, the biggest Versus ever made. The Coalition is an extremely talented yet focused team that believes in this game. I am extremely passionate about supporting their brand, bringing a high level of quality and a legacy that Gears fans will recognize, there is no magic formula, trusting people around you, Rod Fergusson [studio leader] repeats this every Once we start a new project: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together “. We really believe in this concept in this concept. We believe in mutual trust, so we can be more efficient. ” 

Recall that Gears 5will be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs starting September 6th 2019. Tomorrow, Friday 19th July, the tech test of the game will start, thanks to which you will be able to try out the Arcade mode, present for the first time in the history of the series.