Is Nintendo Thinking About Streaming or Is It Still Early for Now?

Nintendo E3 2019: A Direct Announced for June 11th

The recent two new versions of Switch announced, the Nintendo Switch with enhanced battery, was an occasion to reflect a little on the policies of the great N.

Many people think that the future of gaming, rather than in “physical” consoles, is in streaming and in the cloud, but Nintendo does not yet seem to want to go in this direction, also because with Switch it feels quite strong.

“Switch already makes the streaming conditions a reality: it’s a device where you can play anywhere, whenever you want and with whomever you want,” said Doug Bowser. And the fact that a laptop-only console has arrived and one with an improved battery supports these declarations, and the desire to let its users play everywhere, especially on the move.

The analyst Max Piscatella also talked about it: “Nintendo is conservative by nature with new technologies. They expect something to become cheap, easy and that is already understood by consumers before starting to use it”. If Nintendo, therefore, decides to take the field with regards to streaming, it will be when this will be an established and tested technology, “and they will use it in a more economical or family-friendly way than the others”, Piscatella added.

An analysis somehow confirmed also by the words of Bowser himself at E3 regarding the streaming: “It is obviously something that we are observing up close and trying to understand” . So yes, the Big N is probably interested in streaming, but the time is not yet ripe.

What do you think?