Juventus-Liverpool? This Year We Will Not Be Able to Play It Neither on PES 2020 nor on FIFA 20

PES 2020

The dualism between PES and FIFA has been going on for decades and everyone will have their preference on which of the two football simulations is the best. Often the game was also played on the field of licenses, and players ended up preferring the game that had the most.

Actually, it was often the title of EA Sports that won the most licenses, but Konami is doing everything to close the gap, as shown by the exclusive acquisition of Juventus on eFootball PES 2020, news that you we gave a few days ago.

However, when it comes to exclusive agreements, the other side of the coin is that the other party will inevitably be disappointed, due to the impossibility of using this team. So in FIFA 20, Juventus will not be officially present, but it will be called Piemonte Calcio, to the disappointment of the fans of the game. EA, however, is not there to make such an important team blow by watching, and as we told you yesterday it was awarded the exclusive rights of the last Champions League winning team, for which Liverpool will be present only in FIFA 20.

But if it is true that competition is often good for consumers, this time the feeling is that we players will lose something: the exclusive presence of Juventus in PES and Liverpool in FIFA, for example, means that it will not be possible to play Juventus- Liverpool in neither of the two games, but we will have to settle for a Piemonte Calcio-Liverpool or a Juventus-Merseyside Red at best.

And given that the licensing market could still not be concluded, two months after the release of the two video games, it is not necessarily the only case of “impossible matches” to be played. And it would be a real pity.