Kinect Has Found a New Job as a Security Camera at Airports!


Going to New York for work, one of the curators of the online portal The Internet Archive, Jason Scott, noted the presence in the transit area of ​​Newark Liberty International Airport of a new sheriff defending tourists: Kinect!

From the pages of his official Twitter profile, the historian and archivist Scott has immortalized the unusual security cameras of the US airport and recognized their videogame provenance with the unmistakable black plastic body, the same used for the “protagonist” Kinect sensors of the first phase of the Xbox One life cycle.

In this new capacity, Kinect devices are used by American airport authorities to monitor the crowd (and their luggage) and ensure passenger safety. Thanks to the rich set of motion and infrared sensors, Kinect seems to perform very well the new task entrusted to it away from a playful context, as evidenced by a large number of cameras present at the airport.

In spite of the warm welcome given to you on Xbox 360 in the first months of marketing, the “camera of wonders” of Microsoft fell under the blows of the lack of support of the developers and of the objective impossibility , both for the original sensor and for its hardware revision on Xbox One, to cover far more complex videogame areas and genres than simple mini-games based on the movement of arms, head, torso and legs, but not individual fingers . The production of Kinect was interrupted in October 2017 and in January of the following year, the top management of Microsoft wrote the final word on the Kinect project with the conclusion of support on Xbox One S and Xbox One X via the relevant adapter.