League of Legends Mobile Inaugurates the Tencent App for PC Streaming

League of Legends Mobile

The upper echelons of the Chinese videogame giant Tencent decide to turn their gaze to the future of game streaming by launching their application for streaming PC video games on iOS and Android systems: among the first accessible titles, we find the legendary MOBA League of Legends.

The news is Daniel Ahmad, the Niko Partners analyst already famous for his revelations about the PS5 devkits and the system specifications of Sony’s new home console. According to Ahmad, the Tencent streaming app connects to the WeGame platform of the Asian holding to allow fans of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics to continue playing on smartphones and tablets.

Unlike what is offered by Microsoft and Google with fully streaming services such as Project xCloud and, above all, Google Stadia , the Tencent application adopts an approach similar to that of Steam Link and allows users to use only the computational resources available on the own gaming PC connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the mobile device on which you want to play.

Given the interests “at stake” (literally!), Tencent’s move can only be the first in a long series of attempts that the Chinese technology company will try to make over the coming months and years to grab a slice of the pie billionaire of streaming video games and eSports. And this, while the rumors multiplying that the authors of Riot Games would already work on the “real” mobile version of League of Legends are multiplying.