Limbo Is Free on Epic Games Store: Announced the Next Video Game Downloadable on PC

Limbo Free On PC

As promised, the leaders of Epic Games remain faithful to the given word of giving away a free game a week on the Epic Store, offering us the download of Limbo: the exciting puzzle-platform of the Danish authors of Playdead will be in promotion until Thursday 25 July.

Thanks to the new update of the Epic Games Store client we also know the name of the next title that will be made available, always for free, to those who have an Epic account, with a surprise linked to the formula chosen by Epic.

Unlike in recent weeks, in fact, this time the US gaming giant relies on its audience to decide which title can be downloaded for free from July 25 : the choice can only fall on one of Moonlighter and This War of Mine .

In the first case, the ruolistic action of 11 Bit Studios seems to be the obligatory choice for all those who love “Zelda” adventures based on dungeon exploration and the evolution of skills. In the second case, instead, with This War of Mine, the vertices of Epic tickle the palate of lovers of management adventures tinged with survival elements. Curiously, even this last blockbuster of the independent videogame scene was churned out by the digital forges of 11 Bit Studios .

What do you think of the formula chosen by Epic Games to propose the new free game of the Epic Store? Let us know with a comment.