Monster Hunter World a Quota 13 Milioni Di Copie, Capcom Festeggia Con Un DLC Gratis

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Two New Weapons Trailers

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World has reached and exceeded 13 million copies sold since its launch, a figure that includes units distributed to retailers and digital downloads from Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

In February Monster Hunter World had sold 11.9 million copies, in less than five months the game has therefore placed 1.1 million copies, continuing to sell as a recently released product, despite having been launched in the now distant January 2018. Merit does not only the qualities of the game but also good long-term support that has continually brought new content for monster hunters.

To celebrate this milestone, Capcom has announced that all players who log in between July 25th and August 29th will receive various bonuses as part of the DLC Special Item Pack, which includes Attack Jewel, 13 Appreciation Tickets, 13 Silver Eggs, 3 Gold Wyverian Prints and 3 Heavy Armor Spheres.

Undoubtedly a welcome gift for not being caught unprepared for the launch of Iceborne, the first Monster Hunter World expansion to be released on September 6th on PS4 and Xbox One, in winter on PC.