New Aesthetic Customizations for Fortnite: The Brigade Banners Arrive

Fortnite Season 10

Epic Games has announced the arrival of Fortnite Banners: the first kit (Stendardo Brigata) is now available for free to players, which can only be obtained for a limited period of time.

” Have you ever wanted to show your banner in your costume within the game? Now you can proudly wear your banner with the new aesthetic objects arriving in the store! Some selected Costumes, Pickaxes, Hang Gliders and Decorative Backs can be customized with an icon and a colour chosen by you. The standard category has been added to all the aesthetic objects in your cabinet that support this function.

The first of these aesthetic objects is the brigade banner, with eight costumes coming into the store this week, to be chosen to showcase your style. A pickaxe, a hang glider and a decorative spine will also be available. You can preview how the chosen icon and colour will appear on the selected banner costume before purchase, by selecting it inside the locker.

To celebrate the new banner feature, you can collect two free banners from tomorrow at 02:00 Italian time until 21 July at 02:00 Italian time. These standards serve to show all your support to your faction in this weekend’s live event. Be sure to notify a friend, as the only way to receive these banners for free is as a gift. 

During the finals of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup (scheduled for July 26th to 29th) Epic will distribute more free Stendardi for the players, even for those who bought the ticket to attend the event.