Oculus Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing With VR Games and Experiences

Oculus Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Moon

July 20, 2019, will be 50 years since the historic moment that defined an era, which has virtually affected all aspects of popular culture, from cinema to art, from literature to music. Going into space is not yet a possibility for everyone unless you do it wearing an Oculus viewer.

The newcomers Quest and Rift S offer the possibility of being on the famous Apollo 11 spaceship, an experience able to recreate the historic mission on the Moon, from launch to landing on lunar soil. Oculus Quest is the all-in-one viewer from Oculus that does not require PCs and wires and is available starting at €449. Rift S is instead the most advanced VR system, built to completely immerse the user in a series of games and experiences, also available for € 449. You can buy them either from the official website or on Amazon. Going to the Oculus Store you can find incredible experiences and games with a space theme, like Apollo 11 Quest, Space Explorers, Discovering Space 2, Lone Echo and Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition.

Experiences and games for Quest

Apollo 11 Quest revives the story of the greatest journey ever made by humanity, with the eyes of those who lived it. This experience uses a mix of original audio and video footage along with accurate recreations of the spaceship and lunar places.

Bonfire is the last VR experience of the award-winning Baobab Studios, where the role of the main protagonist will be covered. During a mission that aims to find a new home for mankind due to a disaster on Earth, a planet crashes three hundred light-years away, where the only source of light is an improvised bonfire. You can explore and interact with the surrounding world.

Space Pirate Trainer takes the classic arcade games and turns them into an immersive experience, where you will be faced with relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you need.

Experiences For Rift S

Space Explorers is a VR film series on the new era of space exploration. A first-hand witness to the life of novice NASA veterans and astronauts, among the trials and sacrifices of their formation and their missions. You will be able to explore the camaraderie dynamics of space programs around the world and the collaboration between public and private space agencies and discover the latest advances and plans for space exploration.

Discovering Space 2 is a breathtaking space exploration experience, where you are able to take control of your ship and move anywhere in the Solar System. 
Titans of Space PLUS allows you to travel through a miniature holographic solar system and some of the biggest known stars. A sort of self-managed guided tour, with images and precise facts for over 40 bodies of the Solar System.

Mars Odyssey is a single-player VR simulation experience, where you land on Mars and walk on its surface, interacting with the NASA Lander and Rover, all from your living room. With this interactive experience, you can discover the Red Planet, its history and its geography in this interactive experience.

Mission: ISS is the Emmy nominated simulation onboard the International Space Station, where you learn to move and work in zero gravity using Touch controllers. Block a space capsule, take a walk in space and let yourself be guided by the real NASA astronauts on the ISS through archive video clips.

Games For Rift S

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is one of the most recommended games available in VR. It allows you to take control of your spaceship in a ruthless galaxy. In the year 3300, through the vast expanse of an epic and complete recreation of our Milky Way, interstellar rivalries light up as the galactic superpowers fight their wars. You can fly and fight alone or with friends. Depending on the actions that will be carried out, the destiny of the galaxy will change, in a story in continuous evolution.

Lone Echo transports you to an advanced mining structure within the rings of Saturn, complete with a detailed space station, large outdoor spaces and interactive space equipment. Using Oculus Touch controllers and 360-degree gameplay, Lone Echo allows for a practical approach to space exploration unlike any other experience ever played before.

Eleven includes over 90 minutes of content to explore, with a cutting-edge entertainment experience. It will be possible to follow six main characters during the last 11 minutes and 11 seconds before all life on the planet Kairos Linea goes out. The only guarantee of survival is a transport vessel that will leave shortly before the clock reaches zero.