PS VR: Sony Has Tried to Patent a “Pet Robot” for Virtual Reality!


Despite the fact that we are going to tell you about it happened at the end of 2017, Siliconera has only discovered that Sony designers, in a surge of creativity, have tried to file a patent for a disturbing pet robot designed to make the experience more immersive playing with PS VR.

Despite the decision of the US government certification bodies to not accept Sony’s application, the idea behind this project seemed quite simple, almost trivial.

As we can guess by looking at the diagrams and explanatory images accompanying the question, in fact, the robot in question would have served simply as a “tactile support” to the experience lived in video games in virtual reality, moving autonomously inside the room to follow the player movements and interact with it depends on the type of VR title. Wanting to hypothesize its possible uses in the recreational field, let’s think for example of the tactile feedback offered by the robot, taking us by surprise in a VR survival horror in the first person to emit disturbing sounds and “touch” us during a game session.

In the most advanced variants, this robot would even have been equipped with prehensile hands that would have contributed to increasing its capacity for interaction with the surrounding environment and, of course, with the same user: only sin for the danger caused by the fact, not negligible, that the robot in question would have moved freely in its room while the player would have worn the visor, with all the security consequences that you can easily imagine.

Wounded (for the moment) the danger of being invaded by cybernetic monsters, did you know that Sony has recently filed another PS VR 2 patent that suggests how the PS5 VR can be totally wireless and cost $250?