PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Will Make It Easier for a Developer to Optimize Games

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After expressing his opinion about the advantages of the SSD disk that will equip PS5 and Xbox Scarlett instead of the hard disk tradition, developer Will Traxler (working on Exception) also talked about the optimization process, which should be made easier with the arrival of the new consoles.

I’m excited to see how the new hardware will behave. Optimizing a console game is a challenging process for a small studio, especially on hardware that is five or six years old. Clearly this is not a big problem for a great team but for smaller firms is difficult to devote time and resources to this issue. I expect with SS5 and Xbox Scarlett optimization can become a process easier, faster and cheaper.

The developer also talks about backwards compatibility : ” Exception is my first game but I really hope to be able to play in the future, regardless of hardware. Surely it is a great advantage for players and developers, the previous generation titles are still for sale on digital stores, I don’t see why it should be bad. “Do you 

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