PUBG: The Dramatic Trailer for Season 4 Tells the Story of the Erangel Map


After having outlined the new contents, PUBG Corp. has published a new trailer dedicated to Season 4 of PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, which will arrive on July 24th.

While certainly not born to tell a story, it seems that the title is gradually opening up to a narrative enrichment by introducing novelties able to deepen the game world in which the ruthless gunfights take place.

With this new cinematic trailer with rather dark tones, the development team finally reveals the story behind the Erangel map, the first to have been available within the game (and which will be graphically remastered in conjunction with the arrival of the upcoming patch 4.1). The video, which as usual we reported on top of the news, follows the story of a child, the only survivor of a tough battle on the island of Erangel. With a sudden time skip, we are then shown how this boy, once an adult, has become the cynical organizer of the Battle Royale competitions taking place on the island.

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the aim of expanding the boundaries of the franchise, Bluehole has launched a new narrative shooter set in the PUBG universe in collaboration with the Dead Space dad.