Sony Will Sell Real Loot-Boxes at the San Diego Comic-Con


Loot-boxes are one of the most debated topics in a videogame environment. Adopted by numerous games thanks to the substantial earnings they manage to generate, you hate from a certain fringe of gamers and even banned in countries like Belgium and Holland. Turns and turns, I’m always the center of attention.

Turns and turns, I’m always the center of attention. A few days ago, for example, two little boys emptied their parents’ account at FIFA 19 ‘s loot-box. Meanwhile, the kids at Sony Interactive Entertainment came up with the brilliant idea of creating real loot-boxes and even putting them up for sale at the San Diego Comic-Con, which will take place in the Californian city from today, July 18th to Monday, July 22nd. The Japanese company produced a total of 500 Mystery Boxes divided into five different types, one for each day of the fair. The boxes will be sold at the price of 60 dollars each, and each type will contain 5 different PlayStation themed mysterious items, worth a total of 90 dollars. Players who decide to buy all of them – paying 300 dollars – will, therefore, get 25 different items over the five days of the fair. All the boxes that will remain unsold will be put back on sale all together on the last day of the fair.

Collectors will most likely not be able to resist the temptation. If you are among them and you will be in San Diego in the coming days, then know that Sony will be waiting for you at boot # 121.