Tetris 99 for Switch Will Be Released in Physical Edition at the End of the Summer


Nintendo of America has announced the physical edition of Tetris 99, available since September 6 in the United States, at the time the launch of the retail version of the game has not been confirmed for the European market.

The boxed version of Tetris 99 will cost $29.99 and will include the game, the DLC The Big Block (with extra Marathon and Vs CPU modes) and a twelve-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. By purchasing the package you will, therefore, pay for the subscription to the service and the additional content (sold for 9.99 dollars) with Tetris 99 offered for free.

Tetris 99 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, the game cannot be purchased on eShop and even the retail version will require a subscription, as mentioned in the package. At the moment we do not know if this initiative will be extended to our continent, we are waiting for communications from Nintendo.