The CEO of Ubisoft Has a Dream: Mass VR Video Games Thanks to Cheaper Visors

News Emerges About the Orpheus Project, the Ubisoft Zelda

Exchanging a chat with colleagues at VideoGamesChronicle, Ubisoft’s president and CEO, Yves Guillemot, felt that the videogame industry must make a sharp change in VR strategy to turn video games into virtual reality into a true mass product.

In discussing the medium-long term perspectives of VR and its future impact on the videogame industry , Guillemot avoided words and explained quite clearly that “from the point of view of virtual reality, we think that without the limits and the friction that currently has this technology, with a low cost for viewers and good video games, all this can help companies operating in this sector to take off because VR provides great immersion for players, but we must ensure that these factors contribute actually to the growth of the sector “ .

In the last few years, the Ubisoft top management has intensified its efforts to realize experiences in virtual reality more and more immersive, with titles that, like Star Trek Bridge Crew, Transferrence, Space Junkies and Eagle Flight, make originality and fusion with the dynamics of classic gameplay their sharpest weapons.

Recently, the same Guillemot wanted to have his say on the price of Google Stadia and on the economic model that the Mountain View giant should adopt to guarantee the success of the new service in game streaming, and this without considering the ambitions of Ubisoft made explicit with the Uplay + subscription announcement.