The Community of Fallout 76 Arises Due to the Patch 11 Bugs: Here Is Bethesda’s Answer

Fallout 76 Arises

Despite the excellent prerequisites and important additions to the Fallout 76 Patch 11, the launch of the new Bethesda sci-fi blockbuster has triggered community protests due to the numerous bugs and glitches that emerged with the free update.

Once the update has been installed on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, several explorers of the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout 76 say they have had to deal with transparent polygonal models , faceless PNGs , evanescent Atomic Armors that sink into the ground and many other problems that make it almost impossible to continue serenely the adventure in the mutant forests of the Appalachia without encountering any glitches or bugs of any kind that ruin the gaming experience.

The sheer volume of reports and protest messages published on the official forum of the game, as well as on the pages of ResetEra and Reddit, prompted Bethesda representatives to turn to Polygon colleagues to inform us that “we are examining the problems reported after the launch of the Patch 11. In the future, a quick update will be published to specifically solve the problem of ‘false’ Legendary creatures, as well as introducing solutions to reported stability problems, and we will continue to monitor feedback and address any additional problems as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

On the sidelines of E3 2019 and the announcement of the battle royale experience by Nuclear Winter, Pete Hines of Bethesda reiterated the company’s desire not to abandon Fallout 76 and to actively support it with free updates and content additions. Always hoping that the next update will be less problematic than Patch 11, of course.