The Most Profitable Platform for Ubisoft Is Now the PC and No Longer PS4


Ubisoft has released the latest financial results after a call with investors and has shown a particular turnaround. Until recently, the PC was almost seen as a “niche” platform by developers, but things seem to have changed.

In fact, the data released show a 10% increase in PC sales, which thus rise to 34% of the company’s total profits, while those for PS4 have suffered a 7% drop, and now represent 31% of earnings. This means that, at the moment, the PC has overtaken PS4 as a more profitable platform for Ubisoft.

A result achieved also thanks to the release of the Anno 1800, which also achieved excellent results on the Uplay store, thus increasing the company’s profits. At the end of this particular ranking, there are also Xbox One which represents 18% of the company’s earnings, the mobile market with a 7% share and Nintendo Switch and the generic “Other” item at 5%. We’ll see if things change in the future, with the introduction of Uplay +, the new company subscription service. Ubisoft also announced the Uplay + catalog yesterday which will include over 100 games from the start.

You can find the infographic at the bottom of the news.

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