The Witcher 3: The Impressive Mod HD Reworked Project Is Updated to Version 10.0

The Witcher 3

Four years after its launch, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt continues to offer some of the most evocative glimpses we have been lucky enough to admire during this videogame generation, but the commitment with which the modder community is doing its utmost for further improve the visual impact of the action-RPG.

Created and perfected by the modder Halk Hogan PL, the HD Reworked Project has recently been updated to version 10.0. The intent of this work is to significantly improve the quality of character textures and the game world without compromising the original artistic vision of CD Projekt RED.

What you can see at the top of the news is the latest version of the project, now available for download on PC. The leap forward is truly remarkable: from the muddy grounds to the walls, passing through the equipment of the soldiers, the water basins, the weapons and all the rest; the work done by the modder really looks fine. If you are interested in trying the graphic mod on your PC, we refer you to the link you find in the news section, where you can proceed to download the content.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and is also waiting to land on Nintendo Switch by the end of 2019. We take this opportunity to refer you to our excursus on the entire history of the CD Projekt trilogy, waiting for Andrzej Sapkowski’s works to be transposed onto the small screen thanks to the Netflix series.