With PS5 and Xbox Scarlett the Loading Times Will Never Be the Same

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For some developers and professionals, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett could revolutionize the videogame industry, at least with regards to one aspect in particular: game loading times.

The screens with the word ” Loading ” and the transitions from one level to another of a video game are something that is part of the life of all of us gamers, so much so that often they also act as a pause to let us take a moment back from the frenzy of the action, or from a moment of reflection, given that many developers have included tips, tricks and suggestions within these screens.

With the new SSDs featuring PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, this feature may become obsolete, and loading times will be something related to the past. The developer Alex Golebiowski also talked about it, calling Sony and Microsoft a great choice.

The two giants seem to focus a lot on this feature, given that the presence of the SSD was one of the features of the new consoles unveiled first. On Project Scarlett, game loading times will be 40 times faster than the Xbox One, according to Microsoft’s E3 2019 statement.

We’ll see. Of course, the SSDs alone won’t sell the consoles, which will need a pretty solid launch lineup, and that’s something we all hope for. What do you think?