Xenon Racer: The New Update Adds Four Tracks and a Vehicle

Xenon Racer:

The adrenaline-fueled universe of Xenon Racer, the futuristic racing game published by SoGerman and developed by 3DClouds, expands on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with an update that introduces four tracks and a new vehicle.

The update, which can be downloaded completely free of charge regardless of one’s chosen platform, adds a new region set among the dusty deserts of Nevada : the new scenario will be the backdrop to the races that we will have to face in four specific tracks, each with an own style and an original layout, with curves and fast sections designed to accentuate the level of challenge and competitiveness among the participants in the races.

The update in question goes to integrate the winter-themed May update set in the Alps. Every track in Nevada (Dam, Grand Canyon, Route 93 and Red Rock Canyon), moreover, can be tackled in “Reverse” mode , effectively extending the range of settings to offer a total of eight new patronized trails to race across board of the bolides already present in the title and of the new Helix Wing of the Dutch team Helix.

Like any other Xenon Racer hyper-technological car, of course also in the case of the Helix Wing, we will be able to choose between the Normal and Performance versions to attempt the climb to the online rankings and establish new in-game records in the different modes that depict the digital framework of this acrobatic driving game sci-fi. At the top of the news, you will find the video presenting the new free update.