Fallout 76: All the Details on the Meat Week, the New Event

Fallout 76 Upcoming Changes

In less than two weeks, a new and special Fallout 76 event will be launched, entitled Meat Week, during which players can interact in various ways with Grahm, the bizarre mutant who wanders West Virginia with the aim of selling valuable goods.

The event in question will start on July 30, 2019, and will last for just one week, during which you can participate in two different mini-events. The first consists of public events that are activated every 15 minutes in three different areas of the map, within which players will have to hunt creatures of various kinds in order to provide Grahm with the meat necessary for his braciata. The animals to be eliminated will be of various levels, in order to allow both veterans and newcomers to get the items they need to then give them to the mutant in exchange for Legendary Scripts.

Grahm the cook is instead an event that is activated every hour and during which the players will have to complete various activities such as putting out fires, entertaining the cook with their own musical instruments and much more. This is a “peaceful” event that will in no case require the use of weapons and can, therefore, be completed by any player regardless of their level and equipment. In this case, you will receive rewards for completing the barbecue-themed items with which you can customize your avatar.

If that weren’t enough, the developers have promised news about the future of the game to the upcoming Quake Con 2019 and, over the next few days, a solution should come to the annoying problems of the Fallout 76 patch 11 . Have you already read about improvements coming up for Nuclear Winter , Fallout 76’s battle royale mode?

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