Fortnite: How to Unlock the Vendetta Skin, All Styles and Objects

Fortnite Vendetta

Reaching the 100 level of the Pass Battle of Fortnite Season 9 will get the progressive skin Vendetta. In this mini-guide, we will provide useful guides and tips to unlock all additional styles and costume items.

Being a progressive skin, Vendetta has several additional styles, different phases and different objects that can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges. We list them below, helping you to complete them.

How to unlock all the phases of Vendetta

The Vendetta costume is characterized by 5 different phases. To unlock them all you will have to complete the following challenges:

  • Phase 1 costume: obtained when the skin is unlocked
  • Stage 2 costume: get 20,000 experience points
  • Phase 3 costume: get 75,000 experience points
  • Stage 4 costume: get 150,000 experience points
  • Stage 5 costume: get 250,000 experience points

Experience points can be achieved by completing daily challenges, weekly challenges, and events. If you need help to fill up with experience points, please consult our guides which explain how to complete the Challenges of Week 10 and the Challenges to Extraordinary Time.

How to unlock all additional Vendetta styles

If you love customizing the appearance of your skins, you can unlock different colors for the Vendetta costume by completing these challenges:

  • Orange hood color: complete 45 weekly challenges
  • Light orange costume color: complete 65 weekly challenges
  • Neon blue hood color: survive 1,000 opponents
  • Dark gray costume color: survive 10,000 opponents
  • Neon green hood color: collects 80 Fortbytes
  • White costume color: collect 85 Fortbytes

If you need help finding the Fortbyte scattered around the Royal Battle Island, don’t forget to check out our guide to Fortnite Fortbyte locations for all Fortby.

How to unlock all Vendetta objects

To enrich the Vendetta set, you can also unlock the following items:

  • Decorative back Punishment: complete 55 weekly challenges
  • Mecha ax: survive 5,000 enemies

We also remind you that there are also other objects belonging to the same set (Clothes properly). We are talking about the Avenger hang glider (level 79 of the Battle Pass), the Plasma Trail (level 89) and the animated Overload power coverage (level 97).

Speaking of the other skins of Season 9, let’s remember that collecting at least 90 Fortbytes you will get the Singularity costume, for which you can unlock several additional styles by collecting the hidden Helmets.