Fortnite: The New Beach Assault Mode Is Shown on Video

Fortnite: The New Beach Assault Mode

If you have not yet started Fortnite Battle Royale during the day yesterday, know that on the mode selection screen you can now choose a new time mode entitled Assault on the Beach.

To accompany the launch of this new MAT there is also a short and fun trailer, which is the verse for the Normandy landings. Unlike the classic battle royale mode, this time the two teams of players will have to work together to accomplish some goals. The first team will have to try to enter a military base and destroy its generator, while the second will have to prevent at all costs the adversaries from being able to break into. For the uninitiated, the model in question is set in the map of the user Prudiz, who created it on his own Creative mode island.

Before leaving you to the video, we remind you that the new Fortnite Battle Royale event is expected for next Saturday 20 July 2019, when the huge mech located at Pressure Plant will come to life to fight the creature of Polar Peak.

Did you know that a new Fortnite tournament dedicated exclusively to the mobile version could be coming soon and with prize money of one million dollars up for grabs? In the next few hours, you can also connect your Fortnite account to YouTube to get exclusive rewards.