God of War: Recreated the Leviathan, the Kratos AX, in Dreams

God of War Recreated the Leviathan

Dreams is an incredible tool if entrusted to the right hands and, to prove it once again, it is the user-created God-of-War themed creation, which was able to perfectly replicate Kratos’ powerful ax.

The creation of MikeyCslt, this is the name of the user who reproduced the weapon with the Media Molecule editor, managed to attract even the attention of Sony Santa Monica, who shared the images of the Leviathan on their official social profiles in Dreams. As you can also see from the screen you find at the bottom of the news, the result is really incredible and highlights not only the skill of the user but also the incredible potential of a title like Dreams.

By the way, have you already read about the player who played every single Super Mario 64 animation in Dreams? It also seems that someone has created a perfect reproduction of the DualShock 4 in Dreams.