Google Stadia: Family Sharing in 2020, Support for the Mod

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As you well know by now, at the launch of Google Stadia there won’t be many of the features shown over the last few weeks and, has emerged from the last Ask Me Anything on Reddit, for some of them we will have to wait more than a few months.

One of these is family sharing, a mechanism that allows an account to share its library and some of the benefits it has with a small circle of users. In short, it is the equivalent of what is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, platforms on which you can share your purchases with a limited number of accounts. In order to take advantage of this feature on Google Stadia, however, players will have to wait for the first few months of next year. It seems that the developers are not yet ready to offer family sharing to the public and, at the launch, you can only and exclusively enable the “family protection”, which will prevent children from starting content that is not suitable for their age.

From what emerged on Reddit, moreover, it seems that the Mountain View giant intends to implement mod support, although there is no precise information in this regard. The development team is interested in the possibility of applying mods to the titles of Google Stadia and is collaborating with the various software houses to allow their integration, but it will take some time before such functionality can become reality.

We remind you that the Google Stadia achievement system will not be present at the launch. The differences between basic and pro, Google Stadia accounts were also illustrated.