Google Stadia: New Clarifications on Free Games and Differences Between Basic and Pro Accounts

Google Stadia Latency Will No Longer Be a Problem

During the announced session of Questions and Answers organized on Reddit, Google’s Andrey Doronichev revealed some important news regarding the Google Stadia project, thus clarifying the doubts of the community for the launch of the in-game streaming service.

Discussing the strategies implemented by the Mountain View giant with the monthly subscription to Stadia Pro, Doronichev explains that “to be clear, Stadia Pro will not be ‘the Netflix of video games’, as some people have said. I prefer to compare it rather with services like Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus. Stadia Pro subscribers will get 4K streaming with HDR, 5.1 audio support and exclusive discounts at launch”.

The other argument faced by the Google executive is that relating to free games on Stadia: according to Doronichev, in fact, users subscribing to Stadia Pro “will have access to some free games. They will be roughly once a month, take or leave. will start with Destiny 2”. As for the free registration to Stadia Base, instead, it is clarified once and for all that “there will be no free play on Stadia Base. But hey, the Base version will give you free access to our cutting-edge hardware and network of our datacenters. You can spend your money to buy the games you want”.

As for the features accessible at the launch of Google Stadia , which we remember to be scheduled in Italy for the month of November , Doronichev says it is certain that “we will have all the basic functionality of Stadia at the time of launch: video games on different screens, no waiting for download of games or patches, integration with social media, access to the Stadia Store, etc. Of course, there will not be all the features that we announced at the Stadia presentation, that was our ‘Day 1’ vision. that’s the beauty of a complete cloud platform, which means that it will be constantly evolving and improving! ”