Invests in Italian Exports: Partnership With Two Teams Announced


Adidas is one of those non-endemic brands that have decided to go into export with their investments, to capture that slice of users unaccustomed to traditional means of communication and advertising.

Already a technical sponsor of the Vitality transalpine, Heretics and Lyon export team, Adidas has now partnered with two top-level Italian teams: Moba, Exeed, and with PG Esports, the organizers of the PG Nats of League of Legends.

Adidas also sponsors the Moba Rog, the Moba team’s gaming house inside the first export bar in Italy. As Tito Latella, MOBA CEO & Founder comments, “ our reality is divided into two macro areas: the local MOBA, the first exported bar in Italy present in the cities of Turin and Milan, and the MOBA ROG an export team born of five influencers which competes within the Italian League of League of Legends. To date, the MOBA represents an important meeting point for all gamers around Italy through its online community that has an important user base. The collaboration signed with Adidas will allow us to develop and strengthen our reality significantly over time “.

Federico Brambilla, CEO & Co-Founder Exeed, states how ” for us a partnership with a technical brand like Adidas is fundamental: this represents further growth, in line with the aims and objectives of the Board that wants to bring the team to highest international levels. To date, Exeed counts a catchment area of ​​more than one million and a half and within the year we will launch a merchandising line obviously in collaboration with Adidas.

Irene Larcher, Adidas Senior Director Brand, highlights how “it is necessary that the role of Adidas as a sports brand never ceases to explore new sectors, such as gaming, which are becoming increasingly important and which are considered as “traditional” sports. The potential we see is incredible and with the partnerships, we are sure we can create a very strong relationship with gamers and enthusiasts, also thanks to a series of activities that will see the light in the coming months “. Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO of PG Esports, concludes adding that “PG Esports is proud to welcome an innovative and incredibly inspired brand like Adidas into its competitive circuits. We are sure that it will be welcomed by our community with great enthusiasm and, more generally,