Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2 Lead the June Us Charts

Super Mario Maker 2: Nintendo Direct on May 16 Will Illustrate the Gameplay News

The success of Nintendo Switch continues to prove virtually unstoppable, as confirmed by sales figures for the United States. According to NPD in fact, also for this month, and for the whole first half of 2019, the Grande N hybrid console was the most sold hardware platform.

The news makes even more fuss if you think that in general, the costs for gaming hardware have fallen by 33% compared to last year, while Switch is the only platform that has shown growth.

The good moment of Nintendo is also confirmed by the software sales, which as regards the month of June see in the head Super Mario Maker 2 , new exclusive of the house of Kyoto, which has given the keys of the Mushroom Kingdom in the hands of its own community , which is not allowed to miss the opportunity to demonstrate its creativity. Over two million levels have been created in Super Mario Maker 2.

Finally, it is interesting to note that in the Top 20 of the best-selling games of the month of June in the United States there are five exclusive Nintendo games. In short, also thanks to the slowdown by the two competitors Sony and Microsoft, naturally focused on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, Nintendo with Switch has free range and is bringing home really extraordinary results. So much so that you can afford to offer Switch passengers and Super Mario Maker 2 passengers on an American flight!