Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con Drifting Reports Multiply

Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con Blue

It is not a completely new problem, so much so that already in April some YouTubers had begun to report cases of Joy-With Drifting on Nintendo Switch, but now, however, a new wave of reports seems to have invaded social networks.

The name coined by the community represents a very specific problem and is tied to the console that continues to record the inputs of the Joy-Con stick even if it is in a neutral position. In other words, while not touching the stick, the game character or camera continues to move until a ” real ” input from the controller is received.

Kotaku took the reports to heart and carried out numerous checks, collecting various testimonies: the problem seems to present itself on a random basis on consoles and Joy-Con both new and older, this problem seems to be linked to a mechanical defect of the controller that various YouTubers they tried to solve in an “artisan” way simply by opening the Joy-Con and removing the dust and dirt inside.

Have any of you registered this problem with Nintendo Switch? The comment space below is at your disposal for testimonials and suggestions.