Sumo Digital, Authors of Team Sonic Racing, Working on New Projects With 2K Games

Sumo Digital,

In the last few hours, a new announcement was made by 2K Games, which has entered into an agreement with the Sumo Digital team to bring some new games to the market.

Here is when stated by Team Sonic Racing developer:

“We are very happy to work with 2K Games and we look forward to giving you details on the projects we are working on.”

In fact, more games are currently being worked on, although their number has not been specified. The only additional detail on the development of these games is that the team is working on it at the studio located in Sheffield and the members of the recently acquired Red Kite Game will also actively participate in the project. Unfortunately, we do not even know the reference platforms of the titles in question and it is not to be excluded that there is at least one expected on the next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.