The Spooky Shadowkeep Moon Stars in the New Destiny 2 Video Diary

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

After explaining how many and what Shadowkeep’s contents will be through a direct comparison with Rise of Iron, the Bungie guys make a new Destiny 2 video documentary to talk to us (and show us in detail) the Moon we’ll explore in the Shadows from the Deep expansion.

According to US developers, the Guardians who dare to venture on the Moon to face the umpteenth alien threat to the Traveler and the entire human race will have to call on all their courage to overcome the creatures that inhabit the corridors of Shadowkeep.

The severe architecture that dominates the alien enclave of Ombre dal Profondo and the darkness that will envelop the user will be the distinctive features of Bungie’s artistic work to concretize their vision of expansion with dark tones, with particularly bloody missions and challenges from the high rate of difficulty. Not for nothing, in fact, the Bellevue team promises to offer us a map more than twice the size of the Moon explored in the first Destiny.

All the efforts made by the American authors will serve to regain their public and be able, perhaps, to welcome a new group of fans from the ruin and MMO universes, or at least this is the dream cherished by Bungie with novelties such as the Final Moves. There will even be space for such original weapons to include an alien insect, with even more unusual names than those we are already used to.

Before leaving you to the new video diary of the Shadowkeep Moon, we remind you that Destiny 2 Ombre dal Profondo will be released on September 17th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on Google Stadia for when the servers in Google’s streaming game will be opened or starting from November.