This War of Mine and Moonlighter Coming for Free on Epic Games Store

This War of Mine and Moonlighter

The Epic Games Store exclusivity policy has ensured that the gamer community has not looked favorably on this platform, also because of some choices, above all on a communicative level, not exactly very happy by the publisher.

Epic, therefore, tries to be “forgiven” with a new initiative: for the first time in fact the store will offer not one, but two titles at the same time. This is This War of Mine and Moonlighter, which will be available for free download starting July 25th.

This War of Mine is a small independent pearl, produced by the Polish studio 11 Bit Studios, which makes us experience war from a population point of view. Thus barricaded inside a house, we will have to try to survive by looking for food, water, materials and tools useful for the development of one’s home and the well-being of one’s characters.

Moonlighter is instead an Action RPG with roguelike elements with a retro and rather intriguing look.

What do you think of the Epic Games Store offer? Will you take advantage of it?