Turn Into Mecha With the Latest Fortnite Store Update


Stand aside, Voltron! A new Mecha is coming with the latest Fortnite store update! Are you ready to turn into the robot leader? All you need is the 1600 V-Bucks needed for a legendary skin and you’re good to go. But let’s see what else is on sale today in the in-game shop.

In addition to the Mecha skin, Team Leader is the latest addition to the game: the Brigade Banner. The banner to customize your character is once again present in the store together with the eight colorful costumes of yesterday: Banner Trooper, Branded Brawler, Branded Brigadier, Lt. Logo, Marked Marauder, Sgt. Sigil, Signature Sniper, and Symbol Stalwart. Also on sale is the Emblematic pickaxe and the Custom Cruiser glider.

In the Daily Sales, the Fancy Feet, Team Mech and Team Monster emotes (these two at the almost symbolic price of 100 V-Bucks) are on sale, in addition to the Studded Ax, the Mecha Team coverage and the Mecha Team Banner and Monster Team Banner banners, both free.

In short, lots of meat for the update that will be available from around 13.00 Italian time, and will, therefore, make you choose the faction you are going to represent: will you be Team Mecha or Team Monster?

Recently the Fortnite update 9.40 was released: discover all the innovations introduced in the game on our site.