Two New Behind-The-Scenes Videos for Marvel’s Iron Man VR


The San Diego Comic-Con was the right occasion for Marvel Games to reveal new details about its current projects, including Marvel’s Avengers, Marvel The Great Alliance 3 The Black Order for Nintendo Switch (available today) and Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

Concerning the Iron Man game for PlayStation VR, Marvel Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released two behind-the-scenes videos in which the developers address various topics such as the techniques used to make the most of the sensation of flight in Virtual Reality and the work done on Iron Man armor.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is developed by the independent studio Camouflaj, a team known for the Republique adventure, the game’s release is scheduled for the summer of 2019 exclusively on PlayStation VR, currently, Sony has not revealed the launch date, we are therefore awaiting communications from the publisher.