What Happens If Stadia Closes? Word to the Developers

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Since its presentation, Google Stadia has aroused great curiosity and enthusiasm in the gamer community and in the videogame industry in general, so much so that immediately someone began to hypothesize that the future of gaming would be streaming and the cloud. But is it really so?

While the curosità around the new concept of the game by Google is so great, on the other there are still many questions about the cloud. What happens, for example, if he Stadia service closes? The project director, Andrey Doronichev, spoke about it.

“I understand you. Going to the cloud is scary. I felt that way too when the music was switching from files to streaming. I still have all my old CDs in the garage, even if it’s hard to find a CD player these days. it’s the same thing that happened to movies, photos, documents, and other files … and it’s great! For games, it will be the same thing. In the end, all our video games will be safe in the cloud and we will hear from each other. big. We are investing a lot in technology, infrastructure, and partnership, so nothing in life is certain, but we are convinced that Stadia will be a success “.

Doronichev then added that Stadia will support the feature called ” Takeout ” from day one, which will make players download the metadata of their games, including rescues. The videogames themselves, however, cannot be downloaded, so essentially if Stadia were to close, we would no longer have access to our games.

“Of course you can doubt what I tell you. There is nothing I can tell you to make you believe my words. But what we can do is launch the service, and continue investing for years to come. Just like we did with Gmail, Docs, Music, Movies, and Photos. And that’s what we want to do. “

What do you think of his words?