Anthem: New Challenges in Free Exploration Anticipate the Arrival of the Cataclysm


Despite being in the testing phase since June 4 in the PTS, the expected Cataclysm event has not yet officially begun in Anthem’s shared universe. In recent days there have been signs – storms and black tentacles – but apparently, they have turned out to be the result of a mistake, and immediately they have been removed.

Something, however, seems to be finally starting to move. Judging by the reports available on the net, a sort of pre-event is taking place in the Free Exploration Mode , with challenges (available at the bottom of the news) that ask players to defeat the “crystallized enemies” of the Domination faction to get the Crystals carrying. There are coins, decals and graphics that can be used to personalize arrows.

One of the challenges is called The Tempest in progress and has a timer that expires next Tuesday. Who is finally getting the real Cataclysm on Live servers? According to the information in our possession, the expected event will introduce a new portion of the map, separate from the Free Exploration portion. BioWare, for its part, continues to maintain the strictest confidentiality, therefore we are not able to provide you with official information. Anthem, remember, can be purchased on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.