Bloodborne’s Soundtrack Arrives in September in a Splendid Vinyl Set

Bloodborne- Cut-Content

In addition to its extremely punitive difficulty and its particularly inspired and successful artistic design, Bloodborne, like the entire Souls saga from FromSoftware, is often praised by players regarding the soundtrack that accompanies the spectacular boss fight of the action game.

Laced Records has just announced a splendid set of two vinyls dedicated to the soundtrack of the exclusive PlayStation 4 directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Thanks to the two discs you will be able to listen to the 21 songs included in the original game (so the additional tracks in The Old Hunter expansion are excluded) and, if interested, you can choose between two different variants: the standard black set, or the one in green color (the latter is exclusive to the Laced Records online store).

Below is a full list of the tracks composed by Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandamacher, Yuka Kitamura and Nobuyoshi Suzuki:

Disc 1 – Side A

  1. Omen
  2. The Night Unfurls
  3. Hunter’s Dream
  4. The Hunter
  5. Cleric Beast
  6. Blood-starved Beast

Disc 1 – Side B

  1. Watchers
  2. Hail the Nightmare
  3. Darkbeast
  4. The Witch of Hemwick
  5. Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Disc 2 – Side A

  1. Moonlit Melody
  2. The One Reborn
  3. Micolash, Nightmare Host
  4. Queen of the Vilebloods
  5. Soothing Hymn

Disc 2 – Side B

  1. Celestial Emissary
  2. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
  3. The First Hunter
  4. Moon Presence
  5. bloodborne

The vinyl set of the soundtrack of the masterpiece signed FromSoftware can be pre-ordered, in both variants, at the price of 33 pounds (36.75 euros at current exchange rate). You can reach the Lanced Records website to get more information on the product, which will be launched in September 2019. In short, while waiting (vain?) That the Japanese company announces Bloodborne 2 for PS5, this could be a great way to return to relive the dark sensations that animated our journey in the dark and twisted Yarhnam.