Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Here Is How the Uploads on Switch Have Improved


Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is entertaining numerous gamers, both those of long-standing who have the opportunity to compete again in the universe of orange marsupial twenty years later, and the younger ones. The title of Beenox, however, although incredibly valid, did not arrive on the shelves without defects.

For example, Nintendo Switch owners have been complaining about excessively long loading times since the launch. The team recognized the problem right away, and in recent weeks has been working hard to improve the situation. The commitment of the developers has thus materialized in the newly published patch 1.0.5, which exploits the Boost Mode of Nintendo Switch – introduced with Firmware 8.0 last April – to shorten expectations during uploads.

The ContraNetwork channel immediately took the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the intervention, comparing the start-up times with the 1.0.4 patch and the new 1.0.5. In the tested track, the loading was shorter than 15 seconds! A clear improvement, which will surely make the enjoyment of the game more enjoyable. Judge for yourself by watching the video at the beginning of the news.