Cyberpunk 2077: Public Order, Crimes and Prisons in the World of Night City

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The world painting of Cyberpunk 2077 is enriched with further details thanks to an interesting interview granted by Alvin Liu, a member of CD Projekt Red.

Talking with the Wccftech portal, the latter shared very interesting information on what awaits us in the new production of the Polish software house. From his words, we understand how complex and obscure the world of Night City is and dominated by the overwhelming power of the Corporations. When questioned about the functioning of the mechanics related to the action of the police and the possibility for the protagonist to commit criminal actions, Liu issued interesting statements.

In this regard, he highlighted how Cyberpunk 2077 has a system on which the team is still working. To explain how it works, The Witcher 3 was used as a comparison meter. In the latter, Liu points out, committing a violent act in a deserted area did not lead to the sudden appearance of guards. “But – he continues – if you are in a big city and some of the guards see you and the people in the vicinity run away asking for help, people will come to try to stop you and these will usually be quite powerful”. 

However, Liu refused to confirm the possibility of being arrested and taken to prison after committing a number of crimes. In fact, he said he didn’t want to share any kind of spoilers on the subject. However, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that a team was currently known as the “Trauma Team”, a sort of medical and police ambulance will be present at Cyberpunk 2077. As long as you “have their coverage plans”, the latter will help you save yourself, providing you with relief and subsequently transporting you to a medical facility. 

In closing, we point out that Liu himself also shared interesting information on romance in Cyberpunk 2077, while recently CD Projekt discussed the potential offered by role-playing.