Days Gone: Bend Studio Puts You to the Test with the New Weekly Challenge, Now Available!

Days Gone

The players of Days Gone, the appreciated Playstation 4 exclusive, now have a new weekly challenge available, which aims to test their skills!

The Bend Studio team has in fact made the fourth weekly challenge of the game available in-game, the overcoming of which will allow players to obtain different rewards. However, this time, users will also have to try out different sub-goals. The structure of the challenge in fact foresees the main objective correlated by other “minor” objectives, the achievement of which is, however, essential to achieve a high final score.

The new challenge is called Ambush Camp Rush and generally requires players to take control of a field as quickly as possible. However, as mentioned, in order to obtain a better performance, it will be necessary to adopt a strategy with different factors, so as to satisfy other requirements as well. These include, for example, the demolition of a certain number of Marauders without being discovered or knocked out by some opponents through the use of traps, which we will have to build thanks to the materials that we will find during the mission. To further increase our score we will also have to keep an eye on the watch, as even completing the mission within a certain time limit represents a goal.