Destiny 2: Bungie Announces the Iron Banner and Removes the Bad Juju Obtained with the Glitch

Destiny 2

After taking us to the Moon with Shadowkeep’s new video diary, Bungie’s high spheres announce the imminent return of the Destiny 2 Iron Banner and confirm that they want to “punish” those who got the exotic weapon Bad Juju using a glitch.

According to information shared by US authors, that warmonger of Lord Saladin has already planned his return to the Tower of the last City of the Earth to reopen the waltz of battles of the Iron Banner in the time window that will go from Tuesday 23 July to Tuesday 30 July.

For the entire duration of the in-game event that will interest all Destiny 2 Guardians, those who want to test themselves against other players in the Crucible multiplayer arenas will be able to obtain a double quantity of Value Points , thanks to which they can climb the Valiant Classification and, above all, gain the necessary experience to unlock the Iron Banner “weapons”, armor and customization elements .

As for the “punishment” inflicted on those who have exploited a glitch of the game to acquire the exotic Malvagio Karma ( Bad Juju ) rifle without exceeding the Moments of Triumph, the Bungie boys have decided to approach the problem showing themselves magnanimous towards the interested users: rather than dropping the ax of the ban, in fact, the company with stars and stripes will simply remove Bad Juju from the arsenal of those who unlocked it with the glitch and inviting those who want to get it back into possession to overcome the challenges associated before their expiry, scheduled for 30 July .