Dreams Early Access: Tifa and Cloud Fight in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Inspired Level

Dreams Early Acces

After the first discovery phase of the Dreams editor, the community of Media Molecule creative sandbox begins to give shape to extremely complex projects. The new experiment carried out by those participating in the Early Access phase involves Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the ruined colossal of Square Enix.

The Dreams enthusiast known as Sosetsuken5360 presents FFVII Dreamake on video, a level that recreates the graphic interface, the combat system and the aesthetic elements of the Final Fantasy 7 scenes admired in the final phase of the E3 2019 demo.

Compared to the movie observed during the Los Angeles videogame fair, the protagonists’ polygonal models change most of all : to honor the original GDR masterpiece, in fact, the author of this demake wanted to shape Cloud, Tifa, and Barret with the cartoony look of title of 1997, rather than in their latest version for PS4.

Net of the logical differences in terms of content, the final result achieved by Sosetsuken5360 is truly incredible and, as in the recent cases of levels inspired by Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, it bodes well for the future of Dreams, especially in virtue of Media Molecule reassurances. Thanks to the essential contribution of the community, the English developers hope to actively support this ambitious project with constant updates and free additions that will enrich the already dense web of virtual experiences accessible through the Sogniverso.

However, at the top of the article, you will find the FF7 Remake demake explanatory video, but if you want to try the level yourself and are participating in Dreams ‘ Early Access on PS4 you can do it now by typing “FFVII Dreamake” in the form of internal research of the title.